12 volt computer fan

Hi I am getting together some items to make a enclosure for my Xcarve and I was wondering if I could wire in two 12 volt computer fans in series to help cool and keep dust out. I am not a electrician but I would like some guidance as to how to wire it using the 24 volt power supply that came with my Xcarve. Thank you

You can get computer style case fans in many voltage ranges and sizes. My self i would get one that uses household line voltage and have it wired to come on with the power supply. They can be gotten fairly cheap.

Thanks Shane, I the reason I thought of using 12 volt fans was I was given a box full of them but maybe I will wait and get some 110 volt.

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Pretty easy you can just wire them up and use one of these for power. It’s what I use for my 13v blower cage fan. RockBirds®
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I picked up a couple of 24 volt fans…I got big ones as my case is fairly large…much easier…no messing:

I don’t think I would use 110v on the fans. Not that it’s necessarily bad, but when you have a 24v DC supply right there, why run line voltage? I can’t see a benefit that would outweigh the increased risk of electric shock.

24v fans are reasonably inexpensive.

You can wire the 12v fans in series like you want. You’ll want a matching pair. One issue you may encounter with this setup is that the startup load will differ between the two and can cause issues, but there are simple four component circuits to work around that, and a lot of people run just fine without it.

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