14 gauge hot-rolled mild steel

I have the opportunity to become a vendor for making parts out of this material, 14 gauge hot-rolled mild steel. Does anyone have an idea on the recommended bit and settings to cut this.

Much thanks

thats sad… had the chance to make some real money…

Like Phil said ether cnc plasma your x carve but will need a lot of stuff upgraded and changed over to be able to do that or would have to be a industry sized cnc machine that can handle steel and other metals. Industrial cnc machines the steppers are huge compared to a small diy and have many mods done to it to handle the force of cutting/milling into more hardened materials.

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It can be done even on a bone stock machine. I do it on occasion but don’t get your hopes up it is a long and tedious process that is not viable for production runs. I also have a plasma mod made for mine and that opens up a whole new can of worms. So in the end can it be done yes is it worth it no not for a everyday thing.

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