$160 linear rail with stepper

Since it’s still using wheels, you might want to check out OpenBuilds C beams, there’ more points of contact IIRC, plus cheaper…

My home grown CNC used theses to pretty good effect:

Probably a better option if you have the money would be these though:

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Take look at this one to …

I did last weeks few runs on my Monster-Carve with this new Z axis and I’m very happy so far.

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Openbuilds wheels are superior to what you get with X-carve. Since I replaced all mine few months ago I had to adjust them total of 0 times.


I would imagine they are, I hope the weight increase with all the steel would not have to negative of an impact.

doesn’t look like a much better design compared to stock Z-axis assemblies.
The wheels seem to be very close together too

This holds true from my experience working with them. The biggest issue is debris and knowing what type of bearing you get with a pre-configured system. Most of these bearings are dry bearings requiring “zero maintenance” and hold tight tolerance however even fine dust or any tacky residue from cutting composites or anything with resin or glue involved at which point “zero maintenance” turns into wiping your guides down with isopropyl on a regular basis. Just my two cents, not meant to deter you from the idea but if you go this route I would highly suggest dust guards for the rails.

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