18 tooth v 20 tooth pulleys with X-controller

I upgraded by X-Carve from 17 NEMA stepper motors to 23 NEMA stepper motors and ordered 18 tooth 26054-02 pulleys. Now both X & Y (I haven’t measured Z) movements are 90% of the design in either Easel or F360. Does anyone know if I can adjust the movement distance with accuracy on the X-Controller? XYZ voltages are 1.431, 1.396, and 1.352 (making amperage available of 3.048, 2.973, and 2.879) All 3 dip switches on the X=Controller are set on/off/on/off for 1/8 micro-stepping.

Thank you for any ideas.

The 18tooth pulley changed the steps the machine takes now, fortunately grbl allows you to adjust this…check out this link…there are 2 different videos that show you how to calibrate this.

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