1800 mm y rail upgrade

Hi. I wanted to share my upgrade for those wanting to do same thing. First I ordered 1800 mm rails. Then I disassembled the 1000 mm frame and used those extrusions to add some crossbeams to new 1800 x 1000 mm frame. The hardest part was making my own wasteboard. Maybe there is an easier way but I used my old wasteboard as template and just drilled out the holes, then I used my drill to make the holes that I needed to clamp the wasteboard to the frame. that was the hard part lining up the t-slots with the screws. (again you could this in a different order with probably better results). But two good mods I thought of were simple and worked. One was just getting 1/8 inch steel to connect to the new longer y rails as they had a ton of flex. I just drilled through them to connect to upper slot of y rail with t-slots, then from the outside drilled through and screwed them into wasteboard, it’s super inflexible now and it was only about 25 for the steel. I also used wingnuts o the belts which is much easier. Some crummy pictures attached, if anyone interested I can explain better or post a better photo.

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Your idea to use wing nuts is outstanding!

thanks! I always had hard time tuning belts but this makes it easier :grinning:

I was thinking of doing this same mod, but using aluminum instead of steel.


Could you tell me where you found the rails, I’ve looked and could find anything longer than 1000mm.



got them here https://www.inventables.com/technologies/aluminum-extrusion-20mm-x-80mm-clear

Those are 1500 mm rails. Is that what you meant?

sorry meant these Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 40mm) - Clear – Inventables, Inc.

Good thing I have a tap and die set.

I have been wanting to get those rails myself. I have to wait… I am still paying off a loan. :confused:
I did get some good wood for making stuff. I just need to get cracking on projects to start cashing in to pay off stuff.