1800mm Y Axis Upgrade Question

What are the benefits of upgrading your Y axis to 1800mm over just tiling with vcarve? This is a curious question because I’m trying to decide what to spend a gift card on. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Alternatively, is there another better upgrade to spend my money on? (Already have the upgraded z axis from cnc4newbie)

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Making large signs or pieces without having to shift them. Can’t answer the other piece


I upgraded my unit to do 1800mm so that I could cut pieces longer than 36" without having to tile or do multiple set ups. I can also cut multiple pieces on my table at a time rather than doing multiple set ups here. (G54-G59). This allows me to set up several pieces and hit carve. when i come back to the machine multiple pieces are finished instead of just one.

the benefits really depend on how you use your machine. If you do not plan on ever cutting anything longer than say 800mm or if you do not plan on cutting multiple pieces on the work surface at a time, the upgrade is not needed, especially if you feel comfortable using the Tile feature.

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Cool, I didn’t think of cutting multiple things at once.

Yep everyone’s just as different as our machines or our methods.

Ask 10 people the same question and get 11 answers that are all different, but work.

Yeah, dealing with the government you only have one correct answer… THIERS!!! Especially when it comes to $$$.

I didn’t see the 1800mm option what is the cost of an upgrade like this. I ordered my Xcarve Nov23 still haven’t got the dust unit but have it up and running making a mess of my shop lol.

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It’s not a machine option.

The longest length that Inventables sells of Makerslide is 1800mm. You’d need to not only buy the rails, you’d need longer 20/20 extrusion, more 20/20 extrusion for base support, more gussets, other hardware for the base/wasteboard, a bigger wasteboard, you’d want to add rail supports for the extra length and longer belts.

Exactly. There’s a long list of needed items and you’d probably encounter more during the build process.

Don’t forget longer belts as well

You guys make it sound so enticing. I actually just ordered the longer rails because I have never had luck tiling without being slightly off. I will try and document the steps that I take to add the longer rails.

Practice makes perfect. :wink:

I just didn’t want to practice. :joy:

Some of us are lazy :blush:

Some of us are just Tool junkies and like to upgrade and Modify everything. :hugs:

Bigger is Better🤓 right. Lol

To each their own. We all have methods that are different and work better for us or just are own preferences. :wink:

I extended my unit so that I could have the longer reach And to be able to permanently attach the rotary axis in its own designated location. Since the back of the table is used the least, and the rotary axis will also be used the least this was the logical location for it. I can program my machine to go to this location and it’s ready to go. There is no setup or breakdown except for the Workpiece.

With a 1800mm Y axis, one could also add a second X & Z axis basically taking up only one overall footprint for two complete machines. Each end of the machine would have its own home position in opposite corners of the table. This could be done for several reasons if the builder wanted to do such a thing. Then the machine would have two cutting heads and be two CNCs. Most carves are less than 800mm x 800mm so in theory this set up could be ran in tandem or only one cutting head could be used if the part needed to be longer than the stock bed. The main thing is the operator will have to verify that the programs do not overlap in the center of the table. Of course this machine will have to have independent components for each side just as if it was two individual machines sitting side by side instead of sharing the Y axis.

This is the beauty of open builds. They can be designed and modified in 1000s of different ways. What works best for one person may not work for another and vice versa.

The sky and ones imagination are the limit.

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For those of you that have increased to an 1800mm Y-Axis, I see the new standard 1000mm machine has pre-wired stepper cables and a unique drag chain. Did any of you upgrade the new machine? Are both ends of the stepper wiring pre-terminated? Did you just splice in wiring to extend it?

On the Drag Chain did you find drag chain that is compatible with the new/unique version they are now using or did you revert to one of the standard styles available on their site?

Does the DeWalt 611 have a cord long enough to run that distance? Curious since they are now shipping with a Dewalt 611 if the cord is trimmed off and if it comes with the standard housings still or if there is a bare bones version that is shipping with the X-Carve?

I had done this upgrade a couple years ago (actually to a 2000mm) when I purchased my first machine and it worked well for me. I sold my machine over the summer to prep for a move. I miss it and am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new one. I would really like to not end up with the all the extra parts this time though!

I built my unit at the end of 2015.

I replaced all of the supplied wire with 18-4 shielded wire from a spool purchased at Lowe’s.

I replaced the Y-axis cable chain with a much larger one from Amazon bc of the larger wires. And for the additional wires. The new drag chain also opens up to run new wires without having to feed them through the cable chain. MyY-axis cable chain is STUFFED completely full. No more wires will fit, but I can zip-tie them to the outside if need be, I will be doing this for my air assist tubing. If I need more room, I will have to upgrade to a larger cable chain.

I hacked my 611 removing the factory cord, power switch, and the speed controller. I also ran the extra wires for SuperPid controls, however I have not installed the SuperPID yet. I am still using the hacked harbor freight router speed controller. The power cord for the 611 was replaced with a 3-conductor cord. I used the 3rd wire (Green) as a ground to ground the aluminum housing inside of the Spindle.

The 611 that is shipped with the unit will arrive just like one from the big box stores. No modifications completely factory.

We all have days like that. We won’t hold it against you. Lol

Still waiting on parts for the 1000mm Xcarve. But im also making my Y axis longer. to 1800mm so that i can build sub boxes for trucks. And most truck sub boxes are 54 inches long.

That’s what I ended up using my gift card towards. I’m looking to lengthen my Y as well. I’ll try to be very detailed in documenting exactly what I buy and the process if anyone is interested. I know there are some great guides out there and by no means am I knocking them, I’m just a little slow when it comes to some things and I need very detailed instructions. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m with @RobertCanning on this one. Don’t get me wrong. As I’ve said before 90% of this “hobby” for me is tinkering with the machine. And I have it working flawlessly at the moment. But I have also spent enough on “upgrades” to have purchased a machine that requires none lol. And as much as we all try @PhilJohnson we are not. The X-Carve in my opinion is a great Hobby machine. But will always require a bit of work around. Regardless of how big you make it.

I agree there is a point where I believe it becomes cost prohibitive however I had a gift card to burn and couldn’t find anything else to put it towards. One day though, one day…the CNC gods will shine upon my bank account and I will have a machine capable of cutting full sheets of plywood at break neck speeds. :crazy_face: $$$

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