19 hours to cut a 24" circle?

I haven’t cut anything yet, just got the XC put together and so far everything moves the way it’s supposed to. I’m exploring Easel and testing various sign designs and shape cutting. I’ve studied the cut setting on projects shared by experienced folks and used those in my simulations. For ex; 1/4 upcut bit at 30 - 50 feed rate and .0625 depth per pass. My circle is 24", and the simulation says it would take over 19 hours. Is that for real?

Hello Greg,
Make sure that you’re selecting the outline cut and not fill on the circle.
24" circle using 1/4" bit and cutting 1/2" Birch at Easel recommend speed will take about 46 minutes.
At .0625 dept of cut it would take 21 minutes

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Have not seen anything from Neil tonight so i guess i will tell you the livewell is full of fish.


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Oh I see. I was turning the circle itself to dust. Total Noob move. This is why I haven’t cut anything yet. Thank you for the reply!


And if you’re using a 1/4" bit, you can use .125" for the depth per pass.

Actually, Easel only provide an estimate and is usually a little on the short side, so no - it will probably take longer :joy:

Time to carve is a function of feed rate x travel distance x depth per pass. Whenever you want to carve a lot with a small tool at a mediocre pace and minimal depth increments its gonna take a whiiiiile :wink:
(As you have figured out)

Same applies for V-carving where the stepover is very small and often neglected.

Happy carving :slight_smile: