1st Attempt at 3D - Error Message

Just learning. Purchased an STL File and get this error when generating tool paths.


Hi, before people can help you’ll need to make your project shareable. See @SethCNC’s instructions for this here HOW TO SHARE your Easel CNC Project with a SHARE LINK - YouTube

completed. thanks.

Your end mill choices are to large for this type of carve. Change the roughing end mill to the following:

This is the finishing pass:

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For this carve, which is similar in size, I roughed with a 1/16 bit and then used a taper bit with a manual setting equivalent to a 1/32 or approximately .03:

I still need to do a little sanding but this is only my second 3D design attempt and I have the original xcarve from 2015 with some upgrades, before inventables offered the package. Its a Frankenstein but works for what I need it to do.


Great job!!
FYI: That carve line you have is a pause line. another way of putting it, a long carve put on pause and continued latter.

Happy carving

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Thank you Ken. I’m still learning and can always do it better. I just wish I didn’t have to make so many mistakes to figure things out.

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last time I checked, mistakes are a form of learning

happy carving

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I get one too.
Easel. I tried smaller bits for roughing and finishing. Easel.

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Thanks for the help. I will give this a go.


To get some help, you’ll need to share your project.

Here’s some instructions on how to do this from @SethCNC HOW TO SHARE your Easel CNC Project with a SHARE LINK - YouTube