1ST Carve without a hitch

Ellison with Metallica font. Went without any Gremlins. Got to get my centering down.

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used fence picket?

Pallet wood get them all day long at work.

cut from the same cloth. we do crafts from “rescue-wood”. https://www.facebook.com/simmonswoodshopco

Be wary of nails!

At least you got your clamps!!! mine are on back order till mid Jan got my machine a week ago!!

Takes that long to get wood?
My Clamps

Enjoy! :smile:

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Im fixing to try and make some, I just gotta figure out how to hold the material down to cut them out…I don’t have tape or short screws.

Sorry Guys had to post. 2nd carve had to go big or go home. And it came out perfect. I tell you 2 at bat and 2 home runs hope it stays this way for awhile