1st Project Post

I was asked to make a gift for a retiring friend…the request was for a shadow box to hold wine corks. Pretty pleased with how this turned out.

My X-Carve produced the engraved acrylic front better than I could have imagined possible.


What bit did you use and did you use cast acrylic?

I used cast acrylic. Everything I found during research said cast is better for milling operations.
I ended up setting up the project into three stages. the first stage was the border and I used a 2-flute straight upcut bit. The second stage was the text and I used a 3/16 spiral upcut, i think it was a 2 flute. The final stage was the center of the logo, the flag, eagle, and flames and I used the engraving bit for that stage.
I did have to slow the feed rate for the 3/16 bit. I got into the second letter and the bit snapped. I just reduced the feed rate by 50% and the rest worked fine.

It’s remarkable. Beautiful.
Did you do this on Easel or Vcarve?

Easle was the workhorse. All of the line work was done in Inkscape.

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Akin to a waterfowler collecting bands, there are apparently some circles of folks that like to collect their corks… I already have requests for 3 more. Whoda thunk huh?

Cool thanks for sharing the bits and process you went through
I have snapped bits before on plastic.
One of the reasons I set out to get my wastboard as flat as possible.