1st start up please help! video included

Been reading through the forums and building for 2 weeks finally up now to get running right.

Problem: When I turn on the power supply cooling fan runs high low , high low (RPMs) and the Z axis motor makes a whiny sound. I detached the belt on the Z motor to see if it was a tension issue but still makes the same sound.

Here is my setup

1000 X carve

I am running the dewalt spindle so I did not hook up the spindle control.

Did not set the motor current.

Downloaded the arduino driver for windows and found the driver

Double checked all the wiring

Searching this forum is massive so please if you have run into this let me know, I am standing by.


Mine was doing something similar, ended up not liking the USB port for some reason. Moved it over one and it is fine. Could also check to make sure that everything is seated properly inside the controller.

Do you have a multimeter?

Use one to check voltage at the power out to the fan. I did when I had problems at first set up and got a constant 24.26v so could rule that out as a problem.

It’s also a good excuse to get a multimeter if you don’t already have one.

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Well it’s not the USB, does the same without any USB plugged in

DOnt have one may run to the store and pick one up tomorrow

Btw. My problem turned out to be a duff gShield.

Inventables shipped a new one to me in the UK and it arrived in 3 business days. All works well now (except for the limit switches (and who needs them?)).

Thanks to Mo for your help.

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Ok the noise on the Z it is barley audible but with the belt loosened I cannot turn it in either direction once it is powered on making me think it is engaged somehow

Here is a video to show whats happening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT6ZDvE8M8s&feature=youtu.be

Here is the wiring

Thanks Phil, I did not touch the potentiometers yet. I can clean up that wire lead but made sure it is not touching anything. At this point I dont even know if the software is connecting in order to set the motor current as I stopped everything when I heard the strange fan RPM

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Yes Phil the gshield and arduino are connected
No on the power supply, disconnected it from the gshield and it ran fine
Moved it up off the carpet onto a mouse pad same results

The g-shield appears to be offset…is it in the correct holes? From the picture it looks like the g-shield should be 1 hole to the right.

Appears to be correct

Also, looks like your Y axis is not wired to the gShield properly.

The y is different…good catch

The red wire on the X-axis appears loose…might just be sticking out too far…

Larry, I feel like such a noob, you are right - I fixed it and no more noise in the x motor! however
still have the fan ramping up and down in RPMs is this normal?

No, that is not normal

Can you get a shot of the fan connection to the shield?