1st start up please help! video included

Thanks Earl, I will trim the red but yes it is tight.

Next question do I need to go though setting the motor current before going any further or will it run nominally?

Here is the new result and fan connection close up. Could it be the small black wire connecting all the other black wires is not allowing enough juice? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3zDSiPTUf8

The video is private…if there is a short in the connection the fan will do exactly what it is doing. Does wiggling the wire change fan speed?

Sorry video should work now.

That fan sounds sick…lol

The wire size is fine.

Might be a short in that mess…but it does not seem like it based on the video.

You really need to check the power coming off of the g-shield to the fan…it seems like the power is truly raising and lowering which is not normal.

You could redo the pigtail going into the g-shield power (the group of black wires going into one wire)

Can’t tell from the video, but does the intensity of the blue LED change in sync with the fan speed changes?

Also, from the amount of the vibration of the fan, with the power off can you spin the fan blade freely, or is it binding?

Yeah its sick alright, lol I re-soldered the black wires and included a thicker gage wire. Still the same. So it starts out fine when you hit the switch and then goes to the up down rpm…

It could be a messed up fan @LarryM the led does not appear change intensity.

Confirmed, LED does not vary with the fan. I will see if I have another fan laying around hang on…

24v fan? good luck…most are 12v

you could connect the fan to the 24v power supply and see if it runs correctly.

Rats, yup only 12v fans here…

if you have two of the same fan you can hook 2 of them in series to run on 24 volts

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I ended up replacing mine with 2 x 120mm 24 volt fans in my enclosure. Blows like a storm now :slight_smile:

Great idea I’ll give it a go,

Unbelievable It was the fan! Check it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsZ59PSHQNg&feature=youtu.be

Also grateful for the wire cross catch.
Thanks guys, now on to the software setup.



Great. Call Inventables for a replacement fan.

You should be ok to run the fans in series while you are testing, but I wouldn’t use that as a permanent setup. Most of the time one fan will take more load than the other because they are not perfectly matched, so running them in series will shorten their life.