1st start up please help! video included

Will do Larry, thanks again, great forum, you guys are lifesavers!

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Did you get that multimeter???

No but thanks for asking, I have ordered a new fan and new gShield and installed them but it is like dejavu all over again.

1.The new fan still oscillates rpms up and down!

  1. When I hooked up the new gShield I plugged in the USB for the first time and heard a loud pop come from the gShield PCB!

I am noticing that the USB ports on my laptop are loosey goosey so I dont know for what reason this is but now I have no recognition when I plug in the USB into the gShield. The Arduino board lights up but Machine Setup still says plug in USB. I don’t know if my USB is shot on the laptop, or if the gShiled is now shorted out.

Additionally doing a check of my system to troubleshoot now I do not see the Arduino driver or com port in my device manager in Windows 7. So I uninstalled the Arduino software and reinstalled but the Arduino driver or com port no longer shows up in my laptop device manger.

Enter computer number 2 with good USB ports, also a Win 7
I downloaded thee Arduino software and I see a Com port but no Arduino driver or unknown device so I cant load an Arduino driver.

I really could use some assistance. Going to pick up a multimeter now