1st time connect Z motor move but not with the belt

I assembled the new X-crave .
Connect to Easel and test Z axis .
The Z axis motor only move very little in either directions.
Take the belt off the motor.
Test it again the Motor move normally.
I can hand turn the Z axis .

Is there any thing I need to adjust ?

Thank you

How much are you asking it to move? I job mine by the mm.

Hi Kc,

When i assembled mine… i also had slipping. The reason it was slipping for me was I didn’t tighten the pully enough…

Check to make sure that it is tight…

Thanks…I will check that tomorrow…its been a long night

did you skip the step of running the rod up and down manually ? also the top bolt that holds the spindle rotates the rod doesn’t need to be torq’d down it needs to be adjusted ever so slightly …

The motor will turn the spindle rod & move the holder up/down if I take the dewalt spindle out.
But once I put the Dewalt on then it won’t move

Yes it is X-controller