2.2kw Spindle on 1.5kw VFD?

I’m wondering if I can run a 2.2 kw spindle on a 1.5kw vfd. I want to do this because I would like the .5" capacity of a 2.2kw spindle but I am in a rented apartment garage that only has a single 110v outlet to run everything off of. So far I have a 2.25 hp router that I have been using without running into power issues. Alternatively, is there a way to limit the amount of power that goes to the vfd? If I could limit the vfd to only pull 10 or so amps from the 110v line I would go that route instead.
I’m assuming it would work the same for the most part and I would just lose out on the higher peak torque. Still, I’m hoping to hear from some people who are better versed in this kind of stuff.
Thanks guys!

You can run it but you have to be careful with the starting current of the spindle, you would need to carefully set up a acceleration ramp up speed. you would loose torque but even after that you would run into a risk of tripping the overload protection on the vfd or even damaging it.
I personally wouldn’t try it, I would rather find a suitable vfd or you can also get a step up transformer and use a 220v vfd.

Good info to think about. Thanks for the help.