2.8W Jtech laser setup - Sold

I have a brand new 2.8W Jtech laser for sale. It’s brand new with only a few hours run time on it. It has been on my shapeoko 2 for about a month.


Complete 2.8W laser kit sold by Jtech photonics.
Laser module with fan upgrade kit
Driver board
Laser safety glasses.
All paper work and installation instructions included.

Bonus - I also have a 3D printed mount for easy attachment the DeWalt 660 router.
I can also give you my notes on feed rates and settings for different materials to get you started.

$250 shipped in Continental US.

The reason I’m selling is because I realized my shop was just not the correct place to be running this laser. I’m a bit of a safety freak and this laser setup requires everyone in the room or entering the room to wear the appropriate laser safety glasses at all times. Yes I could build a full enclousre with all the safety interlocks in place… But I do a lot of carving on my shapeoko and a full time enclousre would be in the way most of time. The laser was a lot of fun and I created some cool things in the short time it was on my machine.

If everything works fine then I think I am interested.

Is it still available?

I have a guy who said he will take it. If he backs out I will contact you.

JT Foster