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Quick question(s):
I’m going to tackle carving using 2 bits (1 for detail (V-60) & 1 to cut out an area (1/8"), so I can have raised letters. How does Easel know which bit I’m using for which section? Does it always do the detail last? I just don’t want to screw it up; I’ve done that too many times w/o asking here. When I simulated it, it’s showed the large carving first and then the detail. Will Easel know that I’m using the 1/8" bit first? Will the machine stop moving when it’s time to change out the bits?
Any help and/or any other pieces of advice will be greatly appreciated. :sunglasses:
Thank you!!!

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For the 2 bit carve in that sort of a method youd need to split up the design into 2 workpieces (the bottom pane).

I do the same thing here to carve the stars with a vbit only and the stripes with a endmill only.

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Perfect!! Thanks, Seth!
Any advice on cut depth for the detail? I never seem to get it right.

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The beat advice i have for any vbit use is to surface the workpiece on the cnc if possible to get the top of the workpiece perfectly parallel to the spindles plane… and to set z zero directly atop the detail area, in the center of the detail part, not off at the front left corner.

If youre probing z then you can probe anywhere and set x,y zeros back in that corner in the next step.

If you cannot surface the workpiece on the cnc another option is to have a surfaced wasteboard and a freshly planed workpiece.
And to ensure i get that as perfectly parallel as possible i use this shimming trick too… EASY WAY to FIX uneven carve depths on your CNC ROUTER - YouTube

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