2 bits or more

Im new working with a cnc machine.
Can i use more than 2 bits in one project?

Not if you are using Easel and wanting to do it all at once. Easel is limited to a roughing and detail bit for the same project. Depending on your project though, if the different bits you are using are for different parts of the project you can break the design up into multiple workspaces and use however many bits you want.

It just depends on what you design is.

But at least I can do different heights, example if I want the outer part of my piece have a 3/8 depth and the inside a 1/4 depth, I can do that.

Anyways Thank you for your response

Yes you can use different bits on the one project. Just separate the parts of the job that require a different bit into a seperate workspace,and assign the different bit to that workspace. Easy ! I do it all the time

You can use more than 2 in easel. I have, it’s not that difficult. Just have to change the detail and finish bits a few times.

Look up Easel two stage carve.