2 color sign projects

Any thought on how to complete a 2 color sign project. So far I have painted the background. I then apllied masking tape. The tape then peals during the milling…any ideas

  1. Prime substrate, sand, and prime again.

  2. Sand primed surface smooth, then apply a minimum of 2 coats of the surface color.

  3. Apply vinyl mask, then apply butchers wax to the surface of the vinyl to reduce paint adhesion to vinyl surface.

  4. Carve sign as desired.

  5. Remove dust from carved surfaces thoroughly.

  6. Apply 2 thinned coats of the sign’s surface blank color to carved areas. (if paint bleeds under the mask it will match substrate color and form a seal of the mask)

  7. Apply two coats of primer to carved areas.

  8. Apply a minimum of two coats of desired finish color to carved areas. (Note if using one shot lettering enamels, you can now remove mask while one shot is still wet and it will give you a nice clean edge.)

  9. Ease surface tension of vinyl mask by sanding surface and breaking seal of carved areas. With the wax you will find the paint and primer releases very easy.

  10. Carefully remove the mask ensuring beforehand all edges of carved areas are lightly sanded. If not, you will have an increased chance of pulling some/all layers of finish out of the carved area.

  11. Sit back and admire your work.

I Hope this helps. (Masking tape doesn’t work)

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Which Vinyl Mask do you purchase from beacon graphics?

I have been told this works well also:

Either Avery graphics film or 3M vinyl film.
I’m also in progress searching cheaper alternatives, you may want to search on the net like “sign carving masking film” or something like that.
Yeah I saw your last post. Let me check it.

As you see on explanation, that is for masking existing surface for long while with new painted sign design. Cost to much and I don’t know if it is easy to remove.
Eventually, any one side adhesive vinyl will work, as long as consider price per roll or per sq/f. Don’t forget squeegee.

I am new to the sign making business, from the link which Avery film do you buy from beacon, Intermediate performance?

48" WIDE x 100 YARDS R TAPE HIGH TACK 4075RLA. Cost me $120+ s/h

Shameless plug, we sell it in the store :smiley:


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Yayk, never think about. I thought you all sell them for laser cutting. Sorry.

I ordered 5 feed quickly to make you forgive me. :slight_smile:

No worries Alan! Thanks for ordering, I wasn’t trying to guilt trip you I just wanted you all to know we carry it.

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The following is the mask I used on the plaque I posted:

What about 2-color HDPE?

You’ll laugh at this but for airbrushing and other various projects I have used Peel and Stick Shelf liner from Walmart because it’s very cheap. Haven’t finished putting my machine together yet but when I do I’ll update a comment on here as to how it goes when I try using it with my first sign.

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That’s the good one. Reality is when you coat two layers of paint to your carving, is it holds paint. It ruins all job if it doesn’t. But hey, for the experiment, let’s try to see. :slight_smile:

You could always do inlay. It works with wood, plastic, metal, etc. And it looks awesome. Just carve inside the line for the big piece and outside the line for the inlay.