2 custom signs made with aspen wood and v carve/photoshop for font designs

Project that I started for a customer that wanted 2 signs to be made for her friend and her house with custom skulls/hearts and lettering that I designed in photoshop and then imported into v carve desktop.


Other sign I’ll be uploading tomorrow with painted parts and the final project done.

Pretty nice. What program is being used? V-carve and photoshop? How are you cutting it? I see some slight room for improvement if you want me to point some out. (Not the project itself, that looks pretty.)


Looks nice. I am getting ready to carve some aspen today. Hope mine turns out tat good.

Very nice!!! I was thinking of trying a few signs on Aspen, which is readily available to me…more so than Poplar. Just wondering what type/brand of paint you were using? Did you seal, or take any other steps with the Aspen before the carve?


That really looks fantastic! Well done.

I had to mill it down with a 1inch clearing endmill or a router bit how ever you wanna call it. After that I coated it with sanding sealer and then v carved it. After it was all done I did a few coats of clear to make sure it was still sealed good and painted it with some indoor out door paint that I got from menards. I’ll post what kind it is and it’s the sample ones that run like 2 bucks apiece and for small signs they are probably going to last a very long time for lettering.



Font was made in photoshop and then the skull design was imported and bitmap into the design. Right now I’m replacing the x axis rail and working on getting the z axis set up from Canada that is ready to go for the x carve. Theirs somethings I’m wanting to improve since getting back into cnc milling. Everything was engraved with the 1/8 v carving 90 degree bit.

Did you sand after painting or run through a planer?

Just sanded with a electric sander. For something like this I would run it thru a drum sander but don’t have one yet.

I have a drum sander and use it on sign every once in a while but you need to use some pretty coarse paper or it just plugs the finer stuff up pretty quick.

Yeah I know with just sand paper it will do the same if I paint something. I’ve used my planner on larger stuff but I have a small one and it leaves the snipe mark on the front and back. That’s why I just used the facing tool patch to make the sign flat on both sides. I’ll have to upload the paint I used. It’s the indoor outdoor paint at menards that you can get a small sample or even a gallon but it sands nicely and seems like it drys very fast.

What was your project carve time? Im seeing a bit of loss in resolution, but may not matter if the paint covers.

It’s was around I think 45 mins or so. Paint mostly covered Everything.

I see some room for faster time and better cut quality. Can you post the project so I can look it over. I’m see some very ragged edges for such a long carve. That carve should take 10-20 minutes.

Yeah I can get the file posted soon. I’m doing mods to my cnc because it’s just stock.