(2 instock) Ultimate X-carve Limit Switch Shield

Hi guys (and girls),

I updated my original design and have two extra boards for sale ($100-)

The new board was made as a Arduino shield and does 4 things amazingly

  1. If you’re new to the X-Carve and starting your assembly, you will not have to worry about soldering to your g-shield, nor will you have to attach the headers for the adapter.
  2. Your limit switches will work as hard limit switches as well as just homing switches (No more breaking switches or crashing into rails, as well as being able to add switches to the opposite ends of the rails) If you have not read the older thread where I came up with a low pass filter, here is a Link to a youtube video of it in action (not the greatest video sorry).
  3. Has screw terminals for your PWM connection, X,Y,Z limit switches
  4. Also has a screw terminal to attach you Probe (If you haven’t got one yet you will, it’s an important addition for zeroing you z axis) so you don’t need to solder to your arduino board

All in one neat board pictured below (Message me on here or email me at brian@bsabanconsulting.com if you want one (Only 2 left!!!)


Another layer to the cake! Looks cool!

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This one is truly a masterpiece :smile:

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@BrianSaban if there’s still any available, I’d be keen to grab one. Will try and email you when I get off nightshift and get access to a machine with email (david.w@westnet.com.au).

No worries @DavidWestley, I have 1 for you, where are you located so I can estimate shipping? I’ll email you an invoice today, can’t mail it till Tuesday as it is a holiday Monday and there is no mail.


I’m in Perth, Western Australia.



Emailed you a payment link yesterday, Let me know if you still want it or I should release it for someone else.


5 Left from this past shipment, msg me if you’re interested!

How do you wire the hard limit switches for x,y,z=max - in parallel with the x,y,z=0 switches? I assume grbl doesn’t know whether you’ve hit the max or the min, it just knows you’ve hit a limit - correct?

Most people wire the switches in series and connect them normally closed. (2 switches on X, Y) some people don’t wire a Z max.


Correct. The switches are wired in series and grbl is for lack of a better word alerted when a switch is tripped.

2 more sold, only 3 left get’em before this shipment is gone :grinning:

If the price was on par with the board i would buy one, but 100$ for 6 resistors, 3 caps, 5 screw terminals, 4 pinouts and a PCB is a bit excessive considering the materials are about 10$

@CristianHinz as I’ve stated in the past, I’ve posted the schematic on the forum as open source, feel free to make one yourself If you feel you can design it, make the board, solder her up and at the same time not short circuit you arduino & gshield for $10 then by all means go for it, not trying to twist your arm. A considerable amount of thought, knowledge, time, and risk to my personal machine has gone into the development.

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Your willingness to Share the diagram, IS Very Much Appreciated. It says A Lot!

I like to tinker, so I plan to make one for my machine.

Thank you for your generosity.

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@BrianSaban sorry if i came across a bit strong, i was just very surprised by the price tag. I’ve already made one myself, just didn’t make it into a shield.

No worries

2 Left from this past shipment, msg me if you’re interested!

1 Left from this past shipment, msg me if you’re interested!