(2 instock) Ultimate X-carve Limit Switch Shield

@BrianSaban you mentioned that you’d posted the schematic/board details for this but I couldn’t find them. Are they still available?

where didyou get those made, and what does it cost? I am thinking of making a run of custom PCBs as well.


This is the basic schematic

I send my designs to https://oshpark.com/


do you have a tutorial or install guide for this?

The link for the basic filter schematic is a few posts up, you would need a filter for for each switch or you can design or buy the ready made arduino shield I make. But if you’re going the plain filter way and not the shield you could make it on your x-carve. That’s how I made the originals, just a little learning and effort.

I wasn;t thinking that.
I was really thinking that before I decide if I want to give you $100 I’d like to walk through how to install it and make it work.
Is there a guide?

It does come with a detailed instruction sheet but the installation of the shield is a snap. it plugs directly into the arduino between the arduino and the gShield and if you look at the board above you will see 3 screw terminals marked X, Y, and Z. You simply screw the wires from each limit switch into them (There is also two optional screw terminals, 1 is for a probe if you have one and one is for the PWM if you use it) After that you simply enable your hard limits which is an easy process and you’re all set, your limit switches will now work as actual homing and LIMIT switches. So anytime your machine touches a limit switch it will trigger a alarm and stop instead of crashing into a rail.

what is the process for enabing hard limits?

just typing $21=1 in the command line enables them

I will need to give that a try after I replace my switches. They finally broke after crashing into them to hard too many times…

I have the 1 shield left, let me know if you want it

2 shields currently instock , let me know if you want one

How much are these?

Sent you the info, check your messages.


Hi, do you still have some?

Yes I do, sent you a msg

After adding this will everything still fit inside the gsheild enclosure?

It will not fit the fan on top, unless you extend it or make a custom encloser