2 line thicknesses

Hi there,
Is there a way to specify line thicknes per line?
I would like to use two different thicknesses in one design. Each line with a different bit.
some lines should use the 1/32 and some other lines should use 1/16 bit.
How can I specify this pls?

thank you for the advice


Can you share a design? Knowing what kind of design you are aiming for will help to determine how the shape(s) are created in EASEL.



Thickness of lines (from the pen tool) is set by the bit dimension.

Boxes and shapes are either filled or inside/outside/on path of the shape.

Hi Brandon,
I have included a similar design. It is not the real file yet.
I would like the circles to be cut with 1/16 inside, and the lines to be cut 1/32

Do you think something like that is possible?

Best Regards,


I know how I’d do it…

Size / position as needed.
Group one set of lines together then set depth to 0 (zero).
Group other set, set depth to desired, run job.
Switch sets & bit, run job (with setting z axis with new bit).

Btw, reminds me of something off the movie, The 5th Element.

Sounds like a logical solution.
When you say “group one set” … I did not see a group function in easel.
Do you just mean select them one by one and give them the same depth?


BTW it is called Metatron’s cube, and it’s a fascinating geometrical sacred pattern. You will find it in many movies/places.

Select the lines to group as an object, right-click, Combine.

I tried it before, but it gives a different result.
all the lines inside the “combination” disappear and just the outside remains.
I have included 3 screenshots of this.

I’m sorry, I didn’t think it’d do that. Have to do it the hard way (without the combine).

Na… don’t go free. Something’s gotta be wrong with it! :wink:

…they’ll probably try to sell you products like bits and materials. :smiley:

Well, I tried my hand at my first Inkscape drawing project, imported into Easel and here’s what I got. I messed up some of the geometry a bit but the point is that it works.

The circles are combined into one object but when you try and combine the lines, you get a big blob. But at least now you can remove either the lines or circles now.

Good luck Serge. If my drawing doesn’t work for you, you should have no trouble drawing this in Inkscape. I’ve only used Inkscape for tracing paths - this was first drawing for me. Just make sure you start at 0,0 and turn the background grid on.

metatron test drawing


Thank you all for the feedback.
It has been very interesting to try out all your suggestions/solutions.
A good learning curve.

Maybe it might be interesting for Inventables to research some more file conversion options and/or compatibilities.


Probably too much sarcasm for a single post. I peeked at the inkscape website, looks like a good/cool product that I’ll eventually download.

And I was taking a poke at Inventables for having a great free software tool for their product(s) that they sell supplies for. (pointing out the obvious fact that we are all hooked on carving)