2 Machines 1 computer

I think I read it already… you can’t run 2 machines from 1 computer through easel. But could I use Easel from Xcarve1 and another gcode sender to run X-carve2?

I just fried another computer due to temperature changes in my workshop, no way to heat when not using. At least not yet.

So I was hoping to use one computer for now.

I run two versions of UGCS and control two cnc’s at once on different USB ports, so I guess easel could be used instead of one of the UGCS.

I leave my computer running 24/7 in winter so it never gets subjected to temperature changes that cause damp at dew point inside the computer. The electricity cost is minimal against the cost of replacing the computer. Has worked for the last three winters without issue.

Yeah, at a loss, we leave them running 24x7 also. I wish easel could save configurations to multiple machines…