2 new stl packages

Damn you’re crushing the stl model game.

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Those pencils are sharp! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I bought the Guitar bottle opener file and this file,

I decided to run Mavrick as always and increased the guitar size to ridiculous size…

But I can say the files worked out well, I’m carving the pencil today I hope…I have a scrap piece of Brazilian Cherry that has been too narrow to do anything with…so the pencil file works perfect.

The guitar has been well received in my area and I’ve sold 7 finished Guitar bottle openers so far in the last two days.


good job with the sales! how are you hanging them? key hole on the back?

a tiny guitar stand would be cool for display

No I went with Phils reccomendation, used longer screws on the bottle opener so they stick out the back, then the customer can just mount them in a stud


two customers have mounted them using the longer screws, I feel it offers better anchoring when getting over zealous with popping a beer…especially after 6 or 7 beers


Don’t you mean studliest?