2 part cut and bit change?

Hi. How would I set up my file or files to make a cut in my design with one bit then change bit to cut in another area of same material. Do I make 2 files? and just not move my material? How do I make sure everything stay aligned from file to file? Thanks.

This is how I do multi stage carves like you’re describing using easel.

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That video is great. I do it a little differently so ill offer an alternative method that doesn’t involve exporting the g-code.

I set my home manually. I think it offers less room for error in the event that the gantry gets bumped or moved during the bit change. Here is what I do:

1st, I make my file. Very similar to the method in the video above. Draw it all on one piece and then cut and paste the pieces into separate workspaces. They will paste in the same spot as they were when you copy them so don’t move anything after pasting. IMPORTANT to keep a copy of the original! Next, I select my bits and set all my cut settings. At this point, I’m ready to carve.

Figure out the order of your cuts and put your first bit in the router. Clamp the workpiece down and move the router to the home position.

I always start from the lower-left corner of the workpiece. I examine the drawing to determine exactly where the cut will be in relation to home (x=0,y=0 in my case) and make sure I set my x-y home so that the entire carve will fit on my piece of wood. I use the manual controls to move the router where I want it. Once I have my x-y home, I turn the router and slowly lower it to the top of the workplace (make sure your increments are small while lowering the router!). Once I am hovering right above the workpiece I lower the bit just a few thousandths more until it touches and makes a light mark, then bring it back up a few thousandths. This is my home and I can always find it. Ready, set, carve.

Once the first carve is done, just raise the router a couple of inches up, swap bits, swap files, bring it back down right to the surface, and carve.

Having that little mark at xyz home has been a lifesaver multiple times because sometimes the gantry will move while changing bits.

Here is an example file of mine so you can see how I set up my multi-stage carves.

Good Luck!


Thank you I will look into this.

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On workspaces… this will make a 2nd file correct? Then just change bit and go after the first file is done?

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Yes, but it is best to duplicate the workpiece and then delete the unwanted portions…
Duplicating will easily ensure correct placement , where as cut and paste can result in the past being moved if the user had the screen zoomed in.

Also. I show how to export in that video, but that’s just because I prefer to use a different probe that easel doesn’t support, and some other neat features offered by other senders (like phone controlled jogging, as well as never having connection issue and thus never loosing position between carves)
Side note: if you haven’t already done it, you might want to lock the steppers using this method, then the gantry won’t move at all during the bit change: How to fix X-Carve Lock Motors Fault For Stress Free Bit Changes - YouTube

But the rest of the methods i used are identical to Luke’s method :+1:

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Good point Seth. Definitely want to be zoomed out while cutting and pasting. Also, I never knew about locking the steppers! Thanks.

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Thank you Seth. That was very helpful. You showed thinks in easel that I didn’t know were there.

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