2-Player Pinball Made with an X-Carve

Hey, folks! Some of you may have seen this in the Inventables newsletter yesterday, but I wanted to share this 2-player pinball game that Cris Felgueiras made using the X-Carve.

It’s just so cool, I can’t get over it! She’ll be posting some of the relevant Easel project files soon; I’ll share them when they’re up.

Is anyone else working on large-scale projects like this that incorporate the X-Carve? Please share if you are!


Everyone on the forum can also enter the game maker challenge we have going on right now. Your entry doesn’t need to be as complicated as Cris Felguerias all ideas are welcome!


Beautiful piece, great idea and one of the fantastic reasons why the X-Carve community is what makes it the best home CNC platform. Going to be a labor of love with all the mechanics but my son and I look forward to making one of these for our game room.

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