2 sided machining t-slot waste board

Has anyone else tried using the threaded holes in the t-slot wasteboard for registering a work piece on a double sided project?
I am having one hell of a time trying to create an accurate cad drawing of where the holes are located. I’m beginning to think it wasn’t intended to be used for accuracy as it’s main purpose is for clamping.
If. anyone has their own file to share I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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I don’t have the t slots but from what i know of them there is to much slop in them for 2 sided work. You need to machine peg holes in the work piece and waste board or sacricial piece under it to get it lined up.


You’d probably want to drill holes using the cnc to get perfect registration holes.

The cad drawing is on the listing for the modular wasteboard upgrade on the right bottom… but the holes actually being Parallel to the cnc axis is highly dependent on whether you made a point to align then perfectly during assembly, and nobody really does that…

If you’d like a .svg of the wasteboard its available here:

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