2 sided or 1 sided?

Hi guys.

Ive got a carvey, but it seems noone in that forum knows alot about cncing at this point, so i thought id ask here.

Ive begun getting my feet wet in the 2 sided cuts - which is why i ordered a cnc in the first place. I see the issues; off center problems etc - i also see alot of people claiming that the solution is to drill into your wasteboard to have some “flipping points”, which i suspect would work.

However i have several little issues, so i thougth id go here to ask for advice;

When i use meshcam (the only cam tool i can figure out at this point) to import my solidworks models and set up, its always off in the Y axis, by about 2mm (a little less - cant figure out precise how much ) so when i flip the side over, its off - ive measured this, and sure enough, if i place something in the middle in meshcam, its off in easel (carveys gcode sender at this point).

So i thought another solution would be to simply print halves - ie. take an object, split it in the middle in my 3d program, and print both halves, with the sides upward.

This also poses an issue, since for some objects, the supports will ruin the design (when cutting away) - and the solution i saw with using doublesided tape, doesnt hold up for me - it just gets ripped off ( the object im cutting ). Also if i know the wood ( what im using ) is say 9.4mm “tall”, and i then tell it to cut 9.4mm, it oftens end up cutting a bit more or a bit less; either ripping the thing off, or simply leaving a thick wooden barrier i then have to manually cut off.

So… back to square one!

Anyone have any simple, solid solutions for how to do the above?

OR - alternately, anyone have a suggestion for a simple program like meshcam, that i could try as an alternative, one that can import stl/iges etc files?

Take a look at your meshcam settings and make sure there is no offset on the y axis.
(Other people have had similar issues with other programs)

As far as the rest, the drill and flip trick seems to be the best I have seen, though I have yet tor try it out myself.