2 stage carve?

So I’m still waiting on my new xcarve to arrive, but have watched plenty and spent a fair amount of time in easel pro. I haven’t carved yet obviously.

But I have designed a few signs and a few flags, and had a question. I choose a 1/4 bit for rough cut and a 60 degree v bit for detail. Is this a two stage carve and the best way to do it?

I could also go to the bottom of easel and where it shows the plus, just break up the project two different ways with two bits set and just carve each.

What is correct and the difference ?

To do a proper two stage carve it needs to be on one work piece. One work piece will be your project with roughing and detail. A second workpiece would be used to cut out a final shape after the two stage carve is complete. For flags I prefer the 90 degree bit. Watch PawPaws videos he has several on two stage carves in Easel.


Got it. Further question. So if I have a detailed two stage carve, and the shape outside needed cut out. I can’t just include all the in the two stage ? If I used the quarter and 90 v bit? It looks like it simulates cutting it too.

This is where you need the second work piece for just the cutout. If it is showing it being cutout with the 2 stage carve it will cut it out before you use the 90 vbit and very well could come lose. Just set up your profile pass in a seperate workpiece to do after after the 2 stage carve.


I may be wrong but I thought with a two-stage carve it wanted to do the profile with a detailed bit which would be the v bit.

Correct it will drive the profile with the detail bit that is why you need the second workpiece. Easel assumes you need to cut the path to full depth.

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