2 stage carves?

Can I change doc and speed when I change to second (smaller) bit?


You would think, but no.

If I try to select the 2 stage option it only lets me select one set of cuts speeds

I know you said cancel question but since this is here…the answer is actually yes, but you have to do it tricky.

I use 2 stage carves and have much more “aggressive” settings for my roughing with a 1/8" bit than my finish with 1/32" bit.

The key is to carve using the settings you want for roughing and then, after that carve is done, change the settings before doing the next detail carve. For me, I’ll export my Gcode, change the settings, then export the other Gcode.

This doesn’t let you save the settings individually but you can carve with different settings. It’d be a GREAT feature for Inventables to add to really make the roughing/detail process be awesome.

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Thanks Phil. Don’t know what came over me. Haven’t use this feature since it first came out in beta and guess I forgot or had a brain fart.
Memory…second thing to go!

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Don’t remember either…but I think my wife lost it first.


I don’t remember seeing that, but I’ll look in a few min. I had to come inside for a little bit to thaw out some.
I’ve never actually run the 2 stage cut because I didn’t see a spot to have both settings and didn’t want my smalletc bit broken off

Thanks Phil

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