2 stage carving leaving tool path marks

I keep getting track marks from my 1/8" downcut after the detail bit (60d) finishes. Z probe the Z axis each time. This is a pine board, testing for a bigger project on hemlock. But I can’t get clean lines. Any thoughts? Thank you!

I would check your step over (reduce it to 1/3EM size), also try up cut instead of down cut end mill.

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thanks I’ll try that and let you know!

Can you attach a photo of the marks?

I changed my step over from 40% to 30%, I’ll test it again in the morning.
Sorry I just saw your msg, thanks Seth

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Today’s the day for the real thing, I’m going to use the recommended settings from Easel. I set the step over to be 30, seems to be better on the test boards. Thanks for the feedback.

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