2 stage carving question

I just got my machine up and running after being in a box for two years. I broke the z homing switch during first setup. I am making a cribbage board. It requires two bits.
Quick question-Can I not just put a mark on the board and make sure the bit touches the mark before starting? Seems simple but I must be missing something. I think without the homing switches, I must lock the machine and try to change the bit between stages.

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Hi Toni :wave: Welcome to the forum!

After doing this modification (video) to the dip switches and to the grbl settings the machine will be locked at anytime while its powered on, making the bit swap a breeze. You can totally skip the inventables suggestions for 2 stage carving and there’s no need to click the “lock” and “unlock” buttons.

You’d still want to set zero on the Z axis for the new bit length, but for X,Y you’d select “use last” and you can use the mark on the board as you suggested to verify the position is correct and make sure it didn’t move during the bit swap.

Thank you that worked great.

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