2 stage cut - detail bit recuts the cleared material in simulation

In my project i setup a 2 stage cut with an 1/8" and a 1/32" bit. When I run the simulation the detail pass (from what it appears) covers all the same clearing operation as the roughing cut. Right now it looks like the detail pass will spend most of an hour cutting air.

Am I missing something?

I am not an expert but it looks to me like the 1/32" bit is just cutting what the larger bit did not. Keep in mind a 1/32" bit is not very big and to do much cutting at all it takes a lot of time unless you want to buy a lot of bits. It is a slow process with that size bit.

I watched again, maybe we are getting different toolpaths but at least here in this image you can see the hole cuts are clearly being done twice - but if you look it appears the main clearing of the image looks to be repeated as well.

I’ll run it on air stock later and confirm

You’re correct on the clearing but the holes are done in both passes which when I ran the simulation on a case with and without the holes adds 30 minutes of cutting (assuming the roughing pass made the holes to size - which would be a problem if that pass didn’t)