2 Stage Cut There is nothing to carve

Hello, I am trying to carve some Christmas ornaments and its my first time with doing a 2 stage cut. Everything seems find but when I go to cut I get a nothing to cut error in easel. Searched but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Anyone?

You have nothing to cut with the first pass. Everything would cut with the 1/32 bit. Everything is marked to “cut on the line” to a depth of .13 on a piece of .13 thick wood.

I just assumed easel would go in and set up roughing. Ok, so I can set the first cut for outline and depth of .11, how or should i say when would easel prompt me for the parameters for the finish cut?

Easel WILL set up a roughing pass, but you have nothing to rough cut. Everything is an ‘on the line’ cut. You have no pockets to cut. The way you have it set up, it will only cut with the small bit. If you want to mill out sections, then you have to break out the cuts. Right now each ornament has all the cuts grouped together. You have to ungroup each ornament.

You can get most of it to cut OK.

  1. Select all
  2. Set cut depth to 0
  3. Set thickness to .13
  4. Set cut depth to .13
  5. Remove detail bit.
  6. Change initial bit to 1/32
  7. Most will cut somewhat OK. Some design pieces (like the bird head, and man) have too much that will cut, since some pieces will not be attached to anything.

Test it by only cutting only one ornament.

Thanks Gerry, it took me awhile to pondering what your saying but i think I get it.