2 stage cutting

I made a project cutting out three stars and then engraving “Merry Christmas, Noel, Happy New Year” respectively on each one. I did use one day of free from my Easel Account.

I chose a 3mm straight cut I expected to do the rough cut, and a 3.175 .1 20° vbit for the text detail.

I exported the gcode and got the message

“Roughing g-code is not available because there is nothing to rough out.”

I followed the instructions for 2 stage cutting but the screen shots do not look anything like what is in my Easel Screen.

So I made the stars and choose the 3mm bit, added the text onto the stars and hit the + for detail bit. I do not see any selction to choose 2 stage cutting, I tried to make on gcode for rough and one gcode for detail but both try to cut and carve both expected rough and detail.

Hence I am not successful in finding how to select 2 stage cutting and getting the rough outline pass for the star shape ad the detail pass for the text.

What see in this walk through

And what is in my actual screen are not the same.

How do I do two stage cutting?

@AlexNemeth Here is a video that made a while back that may help you.

I have a whole list of videos that are designed for the new person to get you up and running in the CNC world. Hope this will help you.

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Thanks for the link and I subscribed to your videos. I am still not able to 2 stage cut, my easel screen is different from yours. Now I export the Gcode I dont use easel to do the carve.

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