2 step sign

I am tring to make a 2 step raised letter sign. roughing it out with a 1/4" bit and finish with a 1/16" bit. I have everything set but when it runs thru to carve it never moves. must be missing something somewhere. any help would be great.

any help at all will help.

anyone with any help please.

I am using easel and don’t know how to upload the program so you can see what I did. thanks

File -> Share

Paste the link here

if I hit share then I can paste it?

lets try. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/DJA3rw0cZwk9vToF4VpLgg

first, right click on the grey part and choose “send to back” to move the deeper cut behind the 0 depth one…

thanks Christopher but I am not sure I understand and the link you sent seems to go nowhere.

well I tried that but when you click on simulate it still gets stuck.

any help please.