2016 Inventables Holiday Challenge

Some forced perspective with intarsia.

My project is based on a Disney drawing. The wood used is jatoba, cocobolo, basswood and some brass wire for hinge pins.

I think I need to make an Instagram account.


WOW !!! That.Is.Simply.Amazing !!

(puts my little pine snowman tray back on the shelf…)

Great work !

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This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen here, and that’s saying something…:sunglasses:

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Awesome… Really nice work


I’ve never used Instagram. I guess you cannot post from a computer?

All I can say is WOW! That is beautiful. May I ask which program you created it in?

I used a cad program to draw the files and converted to .svg. Everything was cut with Easel.

Brilliant! Excellent work.

What did you use to pin the hinges? Is that a small brass rod?

WOW, that is brilliant. just shows what the machine can do with a creative genius behind the helm.

Wow! Awesome!


Simply amazing!!! That is incredible and looks great!

WOW! that is some great work, thanks for sharing!

Tremendous! My hat’s off.

With instagram you can view all the photos and different account and edit your account info but if you want to post pictures you have to do it from the app.

What kind of bit did you use to get the small detail?

Hi Ashley. I used a 1/32" fishtail endmill.

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Look amazing. I gotta try this myself.

Great job

Very cool