2017 X-Carve resolutions

Happy New Year all…

Thought I would write down a few of my X-Carve 2017 goals… Hope to hear some of yours.

  1. Will try a new Project (from the Inventables Projects pages) every 2nd week. (Goal of 26 different items)
  2. Will try a number of different woods/materials to carve into. (Alum/Cast Acrylic, etc)
  3. Will try to sell at least 1 item this year. (I’ve given everything away that I have made so far :slight_smile: )
  4. Will buy Vectric software and try my hand at 2.5d carves…

All the best to everyone … Cheers to a healthy 2017.



My resolution: carve at least 10% as much as Phil.

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get some blue loctite…


Mine is to make a good quality item big or small. Just want to impress myself

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#1 take the 100 pounds of crap off the top of it so you can see it lol

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I have the same problem I give everything away. A friend works at the Las Vegas police dept so i made her a clock. Another friend likes the Denver Broncos so I made her a clock.

Yet another friend said she liked Hillary so I snuck over to her house late at night and put a Trump/Pence bumper sticker on her car.


I resolve to never give up!! Still have a lot of learning to do! :smile: