24 volt spindle won't fit into Z carriage

I can’t fit spindle into Z carriage. spindle OD is 2.040 in. Carriage ID is 1.996 measured at opening to opposite wall. It’s too tight of a fit. I tried to open with a screw driver but no luck It is not round it’s an oval. Plastic vent cap for top won’t even fit.
Any help would be appreciated.

There was another person with the same issue. Contact Inventables, they’ll take care of it.

Contact help@. Others have reported this.

I got a hold of Inventables help and they are sending out a new one. Thanks guys.

I have the same problem, I have tried prying open the carriage with a screwdriver and also heating it with a hot hair dryer, but to no avail, the spindle just won’t fit - the video makes it look so easy.

I think they got a batch of defective ones. My spindle went bad also.

I thought it was a little tough to get it in there’s. I ended up leveraging it open with a flathead screw driver and slipping it in. The little hex socket bolts barely grab the thread, but it’s in there tight now.