240V DeWalt 611 Spindle and Mount (for non-US voltages) in Canada

Hi community,

I ordered the 240V DeWalt 611 Spindle and Mount (for non-US voltages) when I ordered my X-Carve. I was wondering if is it okay to plug it on a Canadian 220V? I know nothing about electricity, that’s why I wanted to ask you before possibly damaging my machine.



Hey Anthony,

Most (if not all) of Canada is on 120v…

Have you received your order? If not, I would suggest you call Inventables and have them replace/return it for the US version (yep, we use the same type of voltages… )

Plugging it in will likely work but won’t be drawing the correct power… (or could blow something) Given your comment about “know nothing about electricity” I would strongly suggest you call Inventables and make it right…

Good luck.


Unless your home is very old it will be wired for 120/240V. Appliances like a dryer or stove will run on 240 and not 120. The 220 / 240 comes from the fact that the 120/240V numbers are ideal and not what you’ll necessarily get. I get a bit of 115/230 where I’m at. So an appliance will generally be rated for 110 to 120 or 220 to 240.

Having tools that run at 240 isn’t an issue, but you’ll likely need an adapter as the router will most likely have a European plugs (or plug and adapters) and our 240V plugs are different.

What does the 240 wall socket look like that you’re planning on using?

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