24V 300W Quiet Cut Spindle.... can we run it at 48v?

Is the spindle that comes with the xcarve kit the same spindle you sell by itself? Just wondering if we can upgrade to a 48v power supply in the future to get some more power for machining metals.

Thanks in advance!

It must be run at 24V or you will damage it.

Just curious, does anyone have problems with the 300W spindle overheating? Just saw an article on youtube about spindle overheating (not this one) and was wondering if this is an issue with the 300W spindle inventables offers with the x-carve?

@JamesMitchell We have not had any heating issues with either the 48V or 24V.

We had one 48V spindle arrive with the fan broken off. We decided to use it anyway. We ran many multi-hour jobs with it. It did get quite warm, but we never had any issues.

Did I get the right Spindle? The Description page lists a 350 watt 24 volt spindle, yet the directions state 300 watt 24v spindle. Which spindle shipped with the works kit I have? 50 watts = a little more power right?

Hmm. Looks like we have a typo. Here’s the actual data on the spindle.

Should i would like to update the spindle to something more powerful, what will be the max spindle wattage (400 W, 500 W…) that the set up will be able to run out of the box ?

If you use the Dewalt 611 it is 1-1/4 HP.

I think he may mean with the kits power supply. Although I do like the option you guys are supplying to use trim routers like the Dewalt 611.

That would be a question for @BartDring

yes, with the kits power supply. The trim router are great and powerful, but noisy. So quiet spindle are a great option to keep as much peace as possible in the family.

in think that’s my answer :“The 24V spindle is 350W. Yes you can use the 600W spindle with this set up. Zach Kaplan” from the assembly comment section

The 600 W requires a different power supply that we don’t sell at Inventables.

Thanks, a lot of think to learn !