24v quiet cut spindle keeps losing speed

I have the quiet cut spindle and I just finished a job with a lot of plunge cuts. The spindle kept varying speed and its freaking me out because I have a big deadline coming up. Any ideas on why the spindle will switch from full speed to reduced speed and back without being told? I’ll check all the connection to be sure, any other thoughts?

  • Mike

I have two different type of spindle and a Makita, Don’t have quite cut spindle. Only can give you advise. Do not ever use your spindle at the full speed for more than 5 seconds. For the production you have to practice feeds/Speeds and Spindle RPM by searching this forum. Every tool requires different Feed/Speed and RPM. Non of them is more than your quite cut spindles half speed. Full speed will kill your spindle and/or your cutting tool.

When mine started doing that, it was on its way out.

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