24v Spindle Database

Hey guys!!!

So from the fully assembled xcarve posts i noticed that many of you also have the 24v spindle.

Since it’s new, we really dont know its full capabilities until we try. Personally, i log all my cuts on the xcarve; writing down end mill/router bit size, the depth per pass, feedrate, material and a general rating from 1-10 on spindle performance.

I was thinking about making a database which logs spindle performance vs. other key factors of a project. The purpose being so we can all have a library to refer to when doing CAM. As of now ive been refering to easel to choose appropriate depths and feedrates, but i would mind having a larger DB.

if you all like this idea, then we can set out some key performance indicators and start logging all of our cuts. Then at some point everyone would send the logs to me and ill make a DB available for download.

Let me know what you guys think and maybe we can start this soon. Afterall, its only science if you write it down :stuck_out_tongue:


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