24V Spindle Issue

So everything has been working just fine for a month or so but during a job a few days ago the spindle just up and died. If I take spindle out of housing and then place it back in the housing it will sometimes work on first start but if I turn spindle off and then back on it never will start again. While running voltage levels are jumping all over the place. With no motor attached power supply is putting out constant 26.2V. I havent tried carving anything the few times I have gotten it to run because it doesn’t seem to be running at full speed.
Any ideas?

Looks like the usual, bad spindle. If you carefully give the collet a spin, does it start? Contact help@ if so.

Yep works on “jump start”. I sent help a message late friday night so guess I will hear back from them tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

Yup, they will make it right.