24V Spindle spec (30539-01)

Hi, I would like to know if there is any spec or datasheet available for the X-Carve stock spindle (SKU 30539-01) as I can’t seem to find any and I’d like to avoid pulling it out of its holder and sleeve to look for markings at the risk of messing up my calibration.

If your talking about speeds, Torque, current…etc. This was posted by Zach_Kaplan, a rep from Inventables and he said he got the chart directly from the manufacture of the spindle!



@Zach_Kaplan is not only a rep from Inventables, he is the CEO… how cool is that, when a CEO gets involved in the community and answers even little questions personally.

Pretty cool I think.

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Yea I knew he was the CEO, not sure why I said rep, lol. Ive talked to him a few time through email about some thing, very cool!! and Ive watched him on youtube with his interviews. LMAO. Thanks for makin me feel like an idiot, haha!!

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I try to look like an idiot at least once a day. Heh :wink:

Edit: or is that the other way around…

Many thanks for the data, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

The breaker on the outlet I plan to use for power is 20A, should I be worried about tripping the breaker often? Looking at the chart on the right, if I always run at max efficiency I should be fine, yes? However, you don’t have to go far up on the left side of the graph before I would trip the breaker.

That’s spindle current at 24VDC, not what it’s drawing from the line.

It would depend what else is on the circuit. By itself you are unlikely to trip the line but if you add a vacuum and some other high draw device onto the same circuit.

For example we had two vacuums and the X-Carve on the same circuit and it tripped because when you turn on the vacuum it spikes the current.

Roger that, thanks guys. I guess I need to polish up on my circuit math, it’s been a very long while :). The goal is two vacuums (one for the machine and one for the hold-down board) + Machine + computer, so looks like I’ll need to add a couple breakers and outlets to the box…lucky for me it’s right next to the new bench for the X-Carve :).

Vacuum hold-down? Interested!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOrkvPF0pro It’s all right here :).