25pin to USB adapter?

I am new here…and have a mountain of questions…
Situation: spent hard money on a Chinese 3020? machine before I knew what I was doing…anyhow stuck with it now. My question is will my Chinese CNC Controller (25pin) still operate if I use an adapter cable to convert it to USB on a Windows XP laptop running Easel? I know, I probably should be asking the Chinese, however my Chinese language is not good! I guess I can try it…nothing to lose I hope. PS: Unit came with Mach 3 and after 16 weeks of struggling to get it setup correctly with the Chinese…I have QUIT Mach 3 altogether!!!

You could try this https://www.aliexpress.com/expresscard-parallel-port_reviews.html

It is probably more than just a simple adaptor cable. The 25 pin allows the PC to directly control the stepper drivers. So you will need some kind of processor “in the loop” to drive the stepper controller.

You need something like the SmoothStepper board to drive the controller. And then you can use your copy of Mach3 to drive it.
This is actual a major upgrade so if you can get it working it would be worth it.

If you are feeling adventurous you can probably wire up and Adriano processer to do drive the controller using GRBL (the operating system you would load in the Adriano).
You would just need to find out what each pin on the controller does so you could wire them to the appropriate pin of the Adriano
Then you could use easel, UGS or chillpeppr to drive it.
Those of us who have build are own controllers have basically done this.

Or you could chuck the 25 pin controller completely and get a x-controller.