26000-01 bit diameter


I have 2 of these .25" bits and got some issues when carving with them.

Om measuring, the diameter is not .25" but .225".

Anyone else come across this?



Sounds like they have been sharpened.
All bits should be checked, but it is a rarity to fined a “new” bit undersized.

i’ve only had 2 that were “actual size”

best way to measure… throw them on your machine, cut a quick line and measure across… this will also account for many other factors that play into what’s happening.

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Very interesting Robert.
After being in the tooling business for more than 49 years, I have never had a “NEW” end mill that was undersized.
(unless it was ordered that way)
Are the el cheapo Chinese bits remanufactured maybe?

Well to clarify.
I’m in the steel tooling industry.(Tool & Die and related stampings)
Maybe woodworking tooling is different. (as in “close enough”)

Well, that’s why I made a clarification with my background.
Maybe it has something to do with woodworking tooling tolerances.
Or the Chinese remanufactured thing.
However, I must say that when I set up my Triquetra with various sized wood bits for quick set up, they were spot on.

We see you Bob. Bit lovers anonymous is a safe place. There’s no judgement here…


He’s a card holding member. Do understand, it’s not a recovery group… It’s an enabling group. :grin:

And good ol bottom barrel ebay
I take mine to work and use the good measuring tool to check mine and many are off
At my place or work the tool crib measures all the tooling so we know what offset to use when doing a tool change on the cnc machines. Most of these mills and custom cutting bits are $1,000-$1,500 each and there are very few times that we don’t have to make a offset to compensate for the bit. the offset might be small but there is still a offset to be made. the only tool that is dead on are the reamer bits and still some of those get sent back to the company for being off spec.

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