2nd cheap bit broken

This is my second broken bit…I checked all my belts, they’re right (6 lbs) and checked all my v-wheels, they’re working right…I still think it’s the depth of my cut and I still can’t figure on how to do that. I was using a Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill to cut some cursive lettering. The bit broke right away.

You can find your setting over on the right side.

Yes but how does one know the right settings??

That is something you will need to learn. Everyones machine is different in how they run it. There should be a preset set of setting that come up from inventables which are very conservitive. If you hit manual you can change them to whatever you want. Maybe you entered something and the bit is going to deep and breaking it. Can you share your project here so we can take a look?

How do you import a photo here?

To share the file click file at the top then share then share with link then copy the url then save then come back here to reply and paste.

Did you try the automatic settings?
100in/min might be too fast with a single flute. You probably had the router speed on one?

Sorry @NeilFerreri1 that was my example.

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I shouldn’t try to answer forum questions while watching TV

I completly understand and doing the same dumb thing.

my feed rate was 40 in/min punge rate 12 in/min …depth per pass 0.03

Well that seems pretty easy. What size of bit?

I think it was a wrong bit I did this one first and it broke [Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill] then I tried this one and it did the crappy carve… [Solid Carbide - Fishtail Spiral, Upcut Bits)

The fishtail bit is more of a finishing bit. I am assuming 1/8"?


Then i am not sure. What type of wood? I run an 1/8" bit in mine at 100" per min 16 plung and .06 depth per pass and never have broken one. My machine is not stock either it is pretty stif.

Just pine wood from Walmart,very soft wood, what kind of bit? may my speed might be too slow. What is the speed of your router? I have mine at 2.

That may be your problem. You should have the router set on 1. The number 1 setting is actually to fast and if you are running on 2 that may be it. I have never moved mine off 1 yet in 3 years.

I still broke my first bit when it was set a 1 but I said I’ll move it to 2. I go back to 1 now. What kind of bit?

I use a 1/8" 2 flute upcut to cut material out and i use a 1/8" 2 flute down cut on a lot of my inlays/ Did you get your bit from invetables or somewhere else?