2nd Generation tbd cnc 9mm Belt Clips

tbd cnc is excited to announce our new 2nd Generation belt clips!

We’ve made 3 exciting changes:

  1. Now made from thicker steel - 25% stronger and more rigid!

  2. Free Shipping!

  3. Now includes all necessary hardware to install on any machine! (Including machines with upgraded risers up to 1/4” thick)

Total price including shipping is $20 anywhere in the USA.

Key Features:

  • Laser cut from high quality 14 GA steel

  • Compatible with belting up to 9mm wide

  • Durable, dark gray powder coat finish

  • 100% American Made

  • As always, a minimum of 5% of all sales go to Great Babies Rescue and their mission to rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected dogs

Additionally, all tbd cnc Complete 9mm Belt Upgrade Kits will now include 2nd generation belt clips!

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Thanks for the feedback, Larry. Per forum rules and precedent, both categories seem to be acceptable.

Edit: Post moved to For Sale and Trade at forum moderation’s request

I agree. I come to this forum to exchange tips and tricks with the X-carve community…not be advertised to.

I appreciate your opinion, Neil. As you know, no post will ever be everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve ensured that the subject of the post clearly indicates what it is about, so that users who are not interested can scroll onto the next post without interruption.

While it is an item for sale, it is also an upgrade component so kind of a gray area. I would be more inclined to look here for it than for sale which I rarely look at because it’s pretty much all machines for sale offered there.